The Disease

We see it in the news, we read about it in newspapers or in social media feeds, we hear of it from people we know or don’t know; but we never think it could happen to us. We sympathize with those who get affected. We recognize that it is now more common than ever before. We know it’s possible that anyone can get diagnosed with any disease at any time in their life. But we still don’t grasp the idea Continue reading


Sometimes what you need is not what you want. And what you want is not what you need. To solve this puzzle is to search within yourself to understand who you truly are. Same statement, same words, different meaning. What you understand out of this statement may very well be a whole different thing from what another understands. Why is that? Continue reading

What’s your addiction?

Believe it or not, most of us have some sort of addiction. Some are more obvious than others. And some may seem so normal that we don’t pay attention to it. We do it without realizing it is an addiction. We are so programmed to see what we want to see and the rest, we have a blind eye to. Some addictions are more harmful than others. Some may destroy us as a matter of fact. In any case, you cannot find many positives in any kind of addiction. Even if you are not hurting someone else with your Addiction because most likely the one being most affected is YOU. Continue reading

What’s the rush??

We live day by day in constant hurry. We are usually late to do something or go somewhere. We are usually stuck in traffic whether you are driving or being a passenger. Everyone is on the road. Everyone needs to be somewhere – NOW!!  We are constantly rushing, we are constantly doing things quickly. Sometimes we do not even enjoy Continue reading


The feeling of being helpless, unable to do anything for the ones you love, is probably one of the most things I hate in this life. Even though I know that everything is in God’s hands at the end of the day, I still can’t help but feel like I must do something to help. That’s just me, I was born to do that. Continue reading


How many times in our lives have we felt disappointed? Why do we experience this feeling often? Is there anything we can do to lower our disappointments?

These are some of the questions I ask myself from time to time.  Usually it is when I get disappointed, Continue reading