Are you listening?

Sometimes people don’t listen to you. It could be because they don’t want to, perhaps they are not ready for grasping what you have to say. Or it could be they can’t; meaning, something is preventing them from listening and understanding at this point in time. They can be distracted or simply their mental capability is not helping them. And so the question is not are they hearing you, but are they listening to what you are saying? Are they paying attention to the meaning behind the words. Are you listening! Truly listening! Ask yourself.  Continue reading

Typical conversations

Ever found yourself in a coffee shop watching and observing what’s going on around you while having your own coffee. Ever found yourself listening in on people’s private conversations, not because you want to, but because they are so loud. Ever wondered if this is common everywhere in the world. Are those conversations the same everywhere you go?? Well, I wondered, and so I decided to investigate.

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