How do we comprehend the term conditioning? I am talking about behavioral conditioning. There were several theories and experiments done by some of the most famous philosophers and thinkers. Edward Thorndike and Pavlov to name the few. Their work and research has influenced our educational curriculum and disciplinary guidelines. Conditioning has become Continue reading

Judge Me Not!

“Judge me not by the language I speak,
by the clothes I wear,
by the way I live my life.
Judge me not as you cannot possibly know
who I am and what I have been through
by one look or
by one conversation.
Judge me not as you are showing me
your own jealousy and insecurities,
more than your opinion of me.
How foolish of you to judge me
when you do not even know me.” Rania F. E.

Many times I get judged by certain individuals based on superficial indications. Continue reading