Judge Me Not!

“Judge me not by the language I speak,
by the clothes I wear,
by the way I live my life.
Judge me not as you cannot possibly know
who I am and what I have been through
by one look or
by one conversation.
Judge me not as you are showing me
your own jealousy and insecurities,
more than your opinion of me.
How foolish of you to judge me
when you do not even know me.” Rania F. E.

Many times I get judged by certain individuals based on superficial indications. Continue reading

Everybody Lies

Everybody lies. You lie, I lie, men lie, women lie, children lie, your parents lie, your co-worker lies, your boss lies, your teacher lies – everybody lies. I am sad to say we have all gotten accustomed to lying for our own benefit despite how big or small the lie is and no matter it is necessary or not. We know lying is not right, we know it is immoral before it is a sin and we know also that lying normally doesn’t get you far. Furthermore, lies always come out at some point or another; but we still lie anyways. So why Continue reading


What a very serious topic!!  One that we all have talked about at some point in our lives.  One that we experience from birth till the day we die.  Trust is part of our daily lives.  It can make us or it can break us.  Trust at the end of the day is a choice.  As much as it is a feeling, it is also a thought.  Whether we trust or do not trust – it is up to us how we want to live our lives.

Here is a question for you: What is trust?? Continue reading