What is an immigrant?

A sensitive subject that many would avoid talking about because the number of immigrants in this world has become so large that it feels like everyone is now an immigrant. Many might not like what I will say, but it’s just my opinion, it’s not intended to insult anyone or any culture for that matter. An immigrant is someone who Continue reading


Why do we feel lonely at certain stages in our lives? Is it because we are really alone with no one around us or is it because we are surrounded by many that don’t fulfill what we need from them. Do you feel lonely? or Are you alone? Let us find the differences between these questions today. Continue reading


How do we measure success? Do we recognize all our successes? Why is success so important to every human being? Do we know how to capture momentum?

I can confidently say I know the meaning of success because I have lived it and continue to live it.  It is very important to recognize your own success and be proud of it no matter how small it may seem.  Even if no one else around you recognizes your success and even if you do not get the response you are hoping for. Feel good about yourself nonetheless, because ‘YOU DID IT!!’ Continue reading