Why men don’t listen

You know, it’s an equal argument to have regarding who doesn’t listen to who.  One can say, women don’t listen when Men tell them stuff. Also, we can say, men don’t listen when Women tell them stuff. It’s like they hear you but they don’t follow with action. Either they end up doing the exact opposite of what you said or totally ignore you and do nothing. You feel like: was I talking to myself? Continue reading

Independent Women Still UNACCEPTED??!!

Would you be surprised if I told you there are men out there still have the old-time views about a woman’s role in life. I was surprised. I mean I knew based on certain cultures, the independent woman theory was never going to be implemented or accepted, within that particular society. But I was shocked to find that these views are not limited to those cultures. I was shocked, appalled and personally insulted. Continue reading