Let me take you on a journey of discovery in a world full of wonders, a world full of connections. I share with you a very strong word that has shaped my life in many ways.  I live everyday because of my connections.  Although there are several types of connections, I can honestly say, I am lucky to have experienced the best of them.

Indeed, it can have more than one meaning, depending on where it lies in the sentence. The general understanding of the word “connection” is when something or someone is attached or related to another thing or person.  Some connections are there on a physical level and can actually be seen.  Some connections are on a spiritual or emotional level which can only be felt – not touched.  Some connections are real and some are imaginary.  Some are sincere and some are manipulated.  A real connection is one that falls into place all by itself – when there is no hard work put into it.  It needs to be nourished, cherished and maintained. A connection is not necessarily created – but it is discovered.  That means it was already in existence, maybe it was hidden or unnoticed. Talking about connection seems so vague, almost unreal – like it is all in our minds.  But the question is – is it?

Physical connection: can be classified in at least two categories;  the physical attraction between two people sexually and then there is the strong connection between two people where they may feel each other’s pain, like the connection between twins.

Emotional connection: that’s when people are connected towards something or when they feel the same way towards each other. You can be connected to an object that is very sentimental to you and it holds a special meaning in your heart.  And then there are the emotions that connect two people together, we call it Love.

Spiritual connection: that’s when two people or more feel the same way spiritually or it’s when their own spirits connect them or should I say draw them to each other unexplainably. You can experience this type of connection when you are beyond the religious path, it’s when you are on a different level of spirituality.  Some may call it a connection with God, the universe, the creator – whichever name you choose or even without classifying it, you just know this connection exists.  You cannot describe it.  You just feel it.  There is also that connection in which two souls are connected to each other, also you cannot explain it, it is just there and you do not understand where it came from and why. It just exists.

In my opinion and in my experience, I feel that a spiritual connection is the most important of all.  It is first of all the hardest thing to find and when you do find it, it is very difficult to perceive and thus to accept.  It is all based on feelings and intuitions – either you believe in it or you don’t – only a select people experience this type of connection – the rest run away from it or simply deny it – cause its easier that way.

Having explained the meaning of connection, still does not answer some important questions.  Where does it come from? Why does it exist?  Now these deep thoughts are not easy to tap into.  They are more puzzling than they are shocking.

If we; humans, are prepared to believe the unbelievable, to think the unthinkable, to admit the impossible, to comprehend the mystery of all mysteries; the connections we have with each other’s souls.

Many are not willing to give this topic even the slightest chance to understand.  The idea is so scary to even go there and we are all programmed into believing in one way and one way only, that we so quickly refuse to discuss it or give it any attention.

Yes, I went there – Soul! A word we tend to use very slightly.  Even if I tried to explain into words what a soul actually is, I probably won’t do it justice.  It’s another topic on its own.  But why do I bring it up now? because it is related to the topic of connections.  The soul comes into play when we are discussing spiritual connections – or at least that is my understanding.  If one soul recognizes another soul, they are drawn to each other, it all happens so naturally and so effortlessly.  We do not know how to deal with the feelings we get, because we cannot explain it. Sometimes we need more than one sign to prove that it does exist.  Again that is because our human nature is programmed to doubt than to believe.  Those who believe are those who are in touch with their spirituality on a deeper level than most of us.

Moreover, there are different levels of soul connections, just like everything else, there is a growth process.  Like I mentioned earlier, it is not created by us, it just exists and it is up to us to discover it.  It is up to us to allow ourselves to feel it and let it grow.  Once it is discovered, it’s like a new-born baby that needs nurturing; needs to be handled with care.  The connection will grow with time – if it is allowed to be fully experienced.  Unfortunately, there are limitations in our lives.  There are sometimes situations that stop us from exploring this wonderful feeling.  Just imagine, if there were no limits and there are two souls connecting – oh the possibilities ….. the possibilities….

Speaking from a personal experience, it is the most beautiful thing to experience ever.  Makes you feel free, gives you sense of peace, sense of contentment and believe it or not a sense of belonging.

When a soul finds another soul, it is like finding home – and we all know what being home feels like – an indescribable feeling. Now here is where it gets a little complicated.  Is there only one soul connection to the other or is it possible to find more than one soul to be connected to through-out our lifetime?

Again, here is something I can say I experienced. I found out that my soul connects to more than one soul thus far – from all the people I have had the chance to meet in my life.  And I am not limiting myself there. I believe in my heart that there are more souls to meet and to connect to – all in due time. Each soul is unique, each one comes in a specific time when I need it the most, and usually I do not even know that I need it. It fullfills its purpose in my life. It helps me to grow, it teaches me some important lessons that I need for the next stage in my life – which also I know nothing about; until it occurs. That’s when I look back and I realize; each soul I connected to, was meant to be.

So how do you know that your soul connects to another? Answer is: just like anything else – pay attention to the signs.  There are always signs that a connection exists – either you ignore it and carry on with your life or you recognize it and make the choice to explore its purpose and meaning in your life.

Let us talk about some of the signs that any type of connection exists.  There are some that I have personally experienced, but then the possibilities are endless. We can recognize the signs at times and at other times, not so much.  It depends on our state of mind I guess, how much we believe in it and how in-tuned we are with our selves and our emotions.

Sometimes you think about someone or talk about them and before you know it, either that person calls you or you bump into them somewhere. We may pass it as a coincidence, or may think it is weird.  Let that happen to you more than once and you actually take note of it, you have no choice but to try to understand the meaning behind it – or you can just choose to ignore it or deny it because it is too hard to grasp and sometimes facing the truth changes everything in our lives. Since human beings like their comfort zones so much, we tend to choose the easy way out and believe in coincidence rather than fate and deep connections.

Another powerful sign of presence of a strong connection, is when you feel the same way about a certain person every time you are around them.  It is so powerful you can’t explain it yet can’t ignore it at the same time.  The feeling can’t be described, you just know it is there and it is real.

How about when you meet someone for the first time, and you know you never met this person before, but something inside you is telling you that you somehow know this person, whether it be male or female.  You can’t put your finger on it, but you are drawn to this person and you wanna keep talking to them maybe you will remember where you met.  This nagging feeling inside you never leaves, you do not know what to do about it. You are so confused.

Do you remember when you used to get the butterflies in your stomach, you are jittery, you are excited, you are happy, you feel like you are in another world.  Depending on how powerful the feeling is, it can vary from one person to the next.  Also it depends on whether you want to continue growing in this feeling or if you are fighting it. I can elaborate just a little more on this type of connection and I would like to ask you: have you ever been so close to someone that you feel the electricity between you; you are close but not close enough, you almost touch, but you feel the electric shock, you try to stop it but you can’t, you try to remove yourself from the situation and something is drawing you closer and closer, then you say, the hell with it and you act upon that feeling – whatever it is you decided to do is up to you at this point.  That is a really powerful connection.  It just exists. You ask yourself: but why do I feel this way – you don’t know why, it just is.

Most of the times, when we doubt the existence of the connection or when we second guess ourselves and try to rationalize everything that happens, it is mostly because we are afraid … We are so scared to experience something unfamiliar, something that most people are in denial of.  We fear of being judged or classified as being crazy and possibly no one would believe what we are saying.

But when your heart beats so fast, when your palm gets sweaty, when you become so nervous in the presence of a certain someone, you can’t shrug it off – you just can’t deny yourself the truth – that a connection does exist; a feeling is there, whether we like it or not .. the question is – what are we going to do about it?

It was said perfectly by: Sharon Salzberg,

Throughout our lives we long to love ourselves more deeply and to feel connected with others. Instead, we often contract, fear intimacy, and suffer a bewildering sense of separation. We crave love, and yet we are lonely. Our delusion of being separate from one another, of being apart from all that is around us, gives rise to all of this pain.”

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