Second Chances Revealed

Do you believe in second chances? Or is there a limit on how many chances we get to do something over? Better yet, how many chances are you comfortable giving to the same person who hurt you? Do you apply the same theory of ‘second chance’ towards others as you would for yourself? Have you been given a second chance at something then lost it again? Have you given a second and third chance for someone to do better but ended up letting you down? When do you say: “enough is enough – no more chances?” Continue reading

Stand Up For What You Believe


If I may humbly give this advice to everyone out there. I know it is hard sometimes because our circumstances may seem stronger and out-powered. We always have a choice in which road we take. Sometimes, we think it’s easier to keep quiet, and follow even if it is against what we believe or desire. We may think, it’s okay to make an exception or that it is for the betterment of others. We sacrifice Continue reading

Independent Women Still UNACCEPTED??!!

Would you be surprised if I told you there are men out there still have the old-time views about a woman’s role in life. I was surprised. I mean I knew based on certain cultures, the independent woman theory was never going to be implemented or accepted, within that particular society. But I was shocked to find that these views are not limited to those cultures. I was shocked, appalled and personally insulted. Continue reading