Second Chances Revealed

Do you believe in second chances? Or is there a limit on how many chances we get to do something over? Better yet, how many chances are you comfortable giving to the same person who hurt you? Do you apply the same theory of ‘second chance’ towards others as you would for yourself? Have you been given a second chance at something then lost it again? Have you given a second and third chance for someone to do better but ended up letting you down? When do you say: “enough is enough – no more chances?” Continue reading

I feel sorry for you

Thought provoking article that encompasses a very important lesson in life. Starting by describing a scene observed from a real live event, while driving one morning, just after sunrise, on a major street in my city.  If the story gets too confusing. I apologize in advance. Feel free to skip it and read my thoughts about the incident below. Continue reading

Listen To Your Intuition


Many times we question ourselves in how we are processing our thoughts about our partners, their past, and who they have shown themselves to be. We convince ourselves we don’t need to know the past because now is all that matters. We are told not to judge someone based on their history because the situation is not the same. While this logic is true, there is more to it than meets the eye. Listen to that inner voice that tells you something is not right. Trust your intuition. Continue reading